Stana Katic - Vanity Fair Italia (24 Sept, 2014)

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Rough translation:

An advice: Do not get married 

She’s the most romantic detective on TV, but in reality Stana Katic does not believe in marriage at all costs

For once, Stana Katic, 36, is not collecting evidence to arrest a suspect: when playing Kate Beckett, the detective in the TV show “Castle”, Stana is decidedly less sexy, despite always wearing high heels. “I can hardly stand on those heels on the set; only with experience and lots and lots of attention,” she says, promoting the sixth season of the show, that’s just started on Raidue (Saturday in the early evening). 

In an era when the TV shows are as complex as novels, “Castle” won the public (social networks including: Stana has almost half a million followers on Twitter) with a pattern that is now retro: crimes and investigations. The rest is due to chemistry, sentimental tension and the strange humor between the main characters: Castle, a writer in crisis with a penchant for murders (Nathan Fillion), and the detective, with a penchant for the writer. 

The season that’s just started seems to be one of marriage, finally. But as Stana said: “A man should never marry his muse, it ruin the illusion.” In short, Mr. Castle might have proposed, but we’ll have to see if they follow through.

Meanwhile, Stana - who is Canadian but has Serbian origins - isn’t stuck to the series that made ​​her famous. She was in Italy to work in “The Tourist”, a movie about the calcio storico fiorentino. “We shot some scenes in front of Donatello’s David. I don’t know how they will not ban the film for children: all the statues around us had the family jewels in the wind!” she jokes. A joke that would have pleased her Castle.

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